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DQSVA Business Enquiry Form
* Name:
* Address:
* Contact No:
* Educational Qualification:
Present Occupation:
* Details of your existing Service / Business:

   If already in Training / Animation Training 

Number of centres / locations:
Total Number of students:
Course / curriculum details
* Company Name:
* Nature of work:
* Turnover:
* No. of years in service/business:
Does your Background involve any of the following experience: [indicate all that apply]

Software Development
Do you have any specific space/infrastructure which you want to convert into DQSVA training centre?

If yes, please provide the following details:

Location of the setup: [please give details pertaining to where its located such as main road, junction, close to bus station/train station, whether its in a business location or residential, what floor is the space located on, whether other animation training centers within the vicinity, and a structural diagram of the place if available.]

* Address of the Location:
Infrastructure details:
Total area available (Sqft):
Air-conditioned Carpet Area in Sqft available for training:
System Configuration:
Softwares presently installed:
Media Projector:
Yes No  
Yes No  
Book Library:
Please provide listing
* Tutorials [One time license]:
Yes No  

please provide load details

please provide load details

Please describe in brief why you want to take up DQSVA franchise:

* Expected investment plan for this venture:

Any other detail that you wish to provide:

• This is a preliminary questionnaire form. Detailed due diligence form as secondary phase of due diligence will be sent to you later.
• This questionnaire is intended to gather basic information, contacts, location, current occupation etc. the questionnaire is designed to capture several dimensions that are essential for a successful partnership between DQE and the Franchise partner. Therefore the Franchise partner should ensure accurate complete data is provided.
• Franchise partner/organization should base response to this questionnaire on current data only.
* Compulsory fields

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