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MDS Challenge
DQ School of Visual Arts – DQSVA conducted an eye opening workshop on VFX with Mr. Sanath PC, VFX Director and CEO of Fire Fly studio in Hyderabad. Sanath is a name to reckon within the VFX space and has been associated in the past as a Visual Effects Designer and Supervisor at Indian Artists Chennai and was the Chief Visual Effects Designer at Alkemysts Visual studio.

Sanath PC has to his credit a National Award and the Nandi Award for the super hit Telugu film Anji. He shared his knowledge and passion in the field of VFX from a student perspective and what the students need to know and keep in mind if they would like to pursue this as a career option.

Sanath interacted with DQSVA students for over two hours on 13th November at our location and the students got to know and learn from the master. He explained the role of VFX in movies being made today and how the impossible is made possible through VFX. In depth details were shared on the technical aspects and the aesthetics of VFX which need to be kept in mind depending on the project requirement and the technical challenges that are faced by the industry as much more complex VFX are being planned.

He explained the growth and potential of the industry and left the students young minds on a high wishing them the very best in the industry that they are about to enter. The students made the most of this interactive session and an intelligent Q&A session cleared all their doubts/questions that were raised with Mr. Sanath.

DQ School of Visual Arts will constantly endeavor to have similar sessions from industry professionals to enrich the young minds with industry knowledge and experience.

  "I have gained immensely from DQSVA. This 3D Course has helped me to become much more confident in the subject.
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