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MDS Challenge
DQ School of Visual Arts – DQSVA conducted session on Film Making by Ms. BV Nandini Reddy, director for movie Alaa... Modalaindi on 29th November. Nandini has been in the film industry for some time now and was earlier associated with Creative Director Krishna Vamsi for over a decade. Nandini shared with the students about her long journey in this field, the hurdles she had to face and how she eventually overcame these by her sheer dint of hard work and dedication.

The entire process of film making was a wonderful eye opener for the students when hearing Nandini spoke about her trials and tribulations as an individual and what goes on during the making of any film project. The process itself is not very cumbersome but the amount of work and team spirit required is tremendous, this team’s performance would decide the success of the project.

Crisis Management during the film making process – this topic within Nandini’s session proved to be a big hit with the students. The session was interactive and the students had a wonderful Q&A session. Nandini displayed tons of patience dealing with the students and explaining and clarifying each and every question. She expressed that now in her role as a Director, she had to maintain the fine balance between budgets, production planning as well as creative treatment for the film….something which one learns through experience.

  "I have gained immensely from DQSVA. This 3D Course has helped me to become much more confident in the subject.
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