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Student Advantage
After learning 2 Months of Programming with MEL and Python you will be able to make yourown tools as per production needs,using both MEL and Python.

As well provides clear understanding on Maya Python API and Python in NUKE.

  1. Introduction to MEL, Syntax, Data types
  2. MEL Commands and Nodes
  3. Conditions, Loops, Procs
  4. Global Procs, environment setup
  5. Expressions, Script Nodes
  6. Making three Tools using MEL
  7. Creating UI
  8. Introduction to Python and syntax,Data types
  9. Definitions, creating modules,Threading
  10. OOPS in python
  11. Introduction to PYMEL
  12. Creating UI using PYQT,PYSIDE
  13. Making two Tools using Python
  14. Introduction to Maya Python API
  15. Writing simple plug-in
  16. Python compositing workflow in NUKE
  "I have gained immensely from DQSVA. This 3D Course has helped me to become much more confident in the subject.
      1) Infocom
      2) IIT Spring Fest
      3) Woodrow Phoenix at DQSVA
      4) Shelley Page with students
      5) MDS Challenge
      6) Eye opening workshop on VFX
      7) Session on Film Making
1) Interview with DQ School Head, Global Operations Cyrus Mistry
2) DQE announces television rights deal with MediaCorp
3) DQE signs consecutive deal with     Sony Picture Home Entertainment