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1. 3D\Motion Tracking

After learning 2 months of 2d/3d tracking Student can work on Complex compositing scenes where CG needs to be integrated with live action Films.

Match moving or Motion tracking is primarily used to track the movement of a camera through a shot so that an identical virtual camera move can be reproduced in a 3D animation program. When new animated elements are composited back into the original live-action shot, they will appear in perfectly-matched perspective and therefore appear seamless.
  • Cameras
  • Perspectives and Distortions
  • Importing and exporting Camera
  • Maya Render Pass
  • Basic Compositing
  • 2D Tracking
  • 3D Camera Tracking using Match Mover
  • Calibration
  • Object Tracking
  • Face Morphing
  • Point-cloud projection
  • Ground-plane determination
  • Reconstruction
  • Automatic\interactive tracking
  • Tracking mattes
  • Refining

2. Z Brush

After learning 2 months of  Zbrush  student can create high resolution models for use in movies,games and Animations. Z brush is the most advanced tool for todays digital artist, With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, Z brush creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, they allows you to create limited only by your imagination
  • Z Sphere Modeling
  • Brushes
  • Sculpting tools
  • Detailing
  • Texturing
  • Projection painting
  • Normal and Displacement maps
  • Exporting and Importing
  • Macros and Z Scripts

3. Fluid Dynamics

After learning 2 Months of Fluid dynamics Student can create realistic scenes with oceans splashes volcano eruptions, Tornados, fire effects. Massive collisions Explosions, Beautiful ponds and streams for Feature films, Games and TV Broadcasting.
  • Z Sphere Modeling
  • Brushes
  • Sculpting tools
  • Detailing
  • Texturing
  • Projection painting
  • Normal and Displacement maps
  • Exporting and Importing
  • Macros and Z Scripts

Maya Fluids

  • 2d\3d Containers
  • Oceans\ponds
  • Floating objects
  • Constrains
  • Emitters
  • Foams
Real Flow

  • Emitters and Demons
  • Soft bodies
  • Rigid bodies
  • Real wave
  • Simulations
  • Wet marks
  • Integrating 3d objects
  • SD Files

4. Compositing\Editing

Composting is one of the most integrated parts in the process of film making, the Visual Effects that are seen in the latest movies are mostly done by using Compositing software.

After Learning 2 Months of Comp student can Composite Live action and CG.


  • Interface
  • File Formats
  • Tools
  • Workflow and node linking
  • Key frames
  • Masking
  • Roto Scope
  • Keying
  • Wire removal
  • Color corrections
  • 2D Tracking
  • Particles
  • 3rd Party Plug-in
  • AE Plug-in
  • Optics
  • 3D Integration
  • Import and Exports

Editing Finalcut Pro

Editing is one of the most integrated part in the process of film making, the Final Cut Pro, is the first choice of professional editors because of its features.

During the 2 months Extensive program student will be learning Expanded Pro Res Family Broad Format Support Seamless Collaboration Comprehensive Editing Tools Incredible Effects and Transitions Open, Extensible Architecture Digital Cinema Workflows.
  • Working with the Interface
  • Marking and Editing
  • Editing in the Timeline
  • Master Clips, Sub clips,
  • Customizing a Project
  • Capturing Video
  • EDL and TCR
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Working with Audio
  • Applying Transitions
  • Mixing Audio Tracks
  • Creating a Sound Track
  • Building a Composite Image
  • Creating Motion Effects
  • Adding Text and Graphics
  • Creating an Animated Title
  • Finishing and Output
  • Adding Filters

5. Web Designing

The 3 Months Web designing Program at DQSVA is from introduction to Advance level of designing a web page using Photoshop, Flash HTML and XML, Along with the Tools they also learn Web layouts, Color theory, Visual Communication, web aesthetics etc…

  • Fundamentals of Multimedia and Internet
  • Concepts of Graphics
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Image Ready
  • Adobe Flash
  • Dreamweaver

6. Product Designing

The 3 Months Product designing Program at DQSVA is for print media which includes poster design, Broachers, news paper adds logo designs using Adobe and Autodesk products like Illustrator, PhotoShop, 3ds Max/Maya (modeling). Along with the tools they also learn Page layout Principles, Color theory, Visual Communication etc…

  • Fundamentals of Multimedia
  • Concepts of Graphics and Designing Principles
  • Vector theory
  • Printing Techniques
  • Understanding formats
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Modeling in 3ds Max or Maya

  "I have gained immensely from DQSVA. This 3D Course has helped me to become much more confident in the subject.
      1) Infocom
      2) IIT Spring Fest
      3) Woodrow Phoenix at DQSVA
      4) Shelley Page with students
      5) MDS Challenge
      6) Eye opening workshop on VFX
      7) Session on Film Making
1) Interview with DQ School Head, Global Operations Cyrus Mistry
2) DQE announces television rights deal with MediaCorp
3) DQE signs consecutive deal with     Sony Picture Home Entertainment