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Student Advantage
Apart from imparting industry specific training using cutting edge technology and some of the best course materials, DQSVA feels that the students need to get trained in `work etiquettes’ which is so vital to make a success of themselves.

To make each student aware of the soft skills required, DQSVA has a full time Training Faculty who is an expert in grooming students to become confident professionals. Apart from getting trained in the art, skills of being a media, animation industry professional, the students are given training and counseling to develop their personalities.

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Corporate Etiquette
  3. How to be an effective Team player
  4. Time Management
  5. Professional Ethics
  6. Specialized Portfolio Development
  7. Interview Skills

  "I have gained immensely from DQSVA. This 3D Course has helped me to become much more confident in the subject.
      1) Infocom
      2) IIT Spring Fest
      3) Woodrow Phoenix at DQSVA
      4) Shelley Page with students
      5) MDS Challenge
      6) Eye opening workshop on VFX
      7) Session on Film Making
1) Interview with DQ School Head, Global Operations Cyrus Mistry
2) DQE announces television rights deal with MediaCorp
3) DQE signs consecutive deal with     Sony Picture Home Entertainment